3-Seater Bed Sofa With Sleeping Function Bedding Container Scandinavian Style Couch Bari RS03


Bari sofa in Scandinavian style with a sleeping function and a bedding container. Simple and extremely elegant, this piece of furniture will be a decoration for any living room, bedroom, boardroom or office. Thanks to the wide range of colours of the fabrics, you can easily match the furniture to any home interior design..







Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 155 × 90 × 98 cm
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3-Seater Bed Sofa With Sleeping Function With Bedding Container Bari RS03

3-Seater Bed Sofa will let you experience comfort, thanks to solid construction and the high-quality materials we used in this production. The seats are made of bonell type springs and T30 foam, which is used primarily in the production of seats, mattresses and armchairs. It has an almost perfect firmness, ideal springiness and high density. In addition, it is resistant to deformation and damage.

Whatever is important to you: functionality, comfort or design – you don’t need to compromise any of them! We are taking in consideration all the aspects while creating our range. Explore our products from the Bari collection!

The construction of the 3-Seater Bed Sofa is made of wood and chipboard, the combination of which makes it possible to achieve a low price yet robust construction.


Sofa 3-Seater With Sleeping Function + Bedding Container Scandinavian Style Couch Bari RS03


What else about 3-Seater Bed Sofa?

3-Seater Bed Sofa thanks to lightness and simplicity, will fit in wonderfully with both the Scandinavian style and any other home or office arrangement. It has three comfortable large quilted backrest cushions. The essential elements of every piece of sofa furniture are, of course, the sleeping function and the bedding container. Our Bari is a sofa bed equipped with a single container.

We want to provide excellent service from the moment of purchase to the assembly of the furniture, so it is extremely easy to assemble and dismantle.

We also offer additional options for model 3-Seater Bed Sofa. You can purchase the DL automatic assisted unfolding. Would unfolding be difficult without this option? Definitely not, but if we have this option, why not?



Sofa 3-Seater With Sleeping Function + Bedding Container Scandinavian Style Couch Bari RS03 Sofa 3-Seater With Sleeping Function + Bedding Container Scandinavian Style Couch Bari RS03

Product features of 3-Seater Bed Sofa:

  • Construction: chipboard + elements reinforced with solid wood
  • Seats: bonell spring + T30 foam
  • Type: sofa bed
  • Sleeping function: Yes
  • Container for bedding: Yes
  • Free-standing sofa (back upholstered with fabric): Yes
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Folding system: roller

Measurements of 3-Seater Bed Sofa:

  • Width: 224 cm
  • Depth: 90 cm
  • Overall height: 98 cm
  • Sleeping surface: 130 cm x 202 cm (if you choose the additional option type DL automatic, the sleeping area is reduced by a few cm)
  • Seat height: 46 cm


Sofa 3-Seater With Sleeping Function + Bedding Container Scandinavian Style Couch Bari RS03


Please specify fabric and leg colour after ordering. Gallery of fabrics in the selection box.


  • wooden natural colour
  • wooden colour black


Characteristics of fabrics 3-Seater Bed Sofa:

KRONOS -The fabric is a strong, very compact, woven fabric, available in a wide range of colours with the effect of delicate shimmering and shading with pile, which is characteristic of velour fabrics. All these features make Kronos extremely versatile in terms of design and find use not only as furniture upholstery, but also in decorative articles.

Technical data:

composition: 100% Polyester
basis weight: 320g/m²
width: 145cm (+/-2cm)
thickness: ~1mm
abrasion resistance: 50,000 cycles
colours available: see photo attached.

MALMO -The fabric is abrasion resistant, very durable and strong, yet super soft and pleasant to the touch. It is available in a wide, natural range of colours: from greys, through browns to pastels. It has a very fine, yet visible texture, which in many colours is emphasised by the non-uniform colour, achieved by interweaving two colours. Malmo is ideal as an upholstery for an entire piece of furniture or a single piece of furniture, or as a material for stylish, designer and elegant accessories.

Technical data:

composition: 100% Polyester
grammage: 220g/m2
width: 142cm (+/- 2cm)
thickness: ~1mm
abrasion resistance: 55,000 cycles
colours available: see photo attached.

PAROS – included in the furniture price – soft and fluffy fabric in earthy colours. Characterised by a simple, uniform and extremely elegant structure.

Technical data:

Composition: 100% PES
Weight: 330g/m2
Thickness: 2mm
Abrasion resistance: 50,000 cycles


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