competition terms


    ” Looking for Spring in Ireland”

      1.1. PPS 9970097542, REGON 101056519,IRELAND: Kenmare Co. KERRY, Phone:
      The organiser is the promisee of the prize within the meaning of Article of the Civil
      1.2. Competition organised by O-sofa Furniture
      1.3 Terms and Conditions
      1.4 By entering the Competition, by commenting on the post with a photo – the
      participant accepts the provisions of the Regulations and agrees to the processing of
      personal data provided in the Competition.

    1.5 The Organiser declares that the Competition is in no way sponsored,
    endorsed, administered or created in collaboration with Facebook®. All
    questions, comments, complaints and claims relating to the Competition
    should be directed to the Organiser – O-sofa and in NO EXCEPT to the
    owner or administrator of Facebook®. All personal data and
    information provided by participants in the Competition are entrusted to
    the Organiser and not to the owner or administrator of Facebook®. The
    Organiser indemnifies Facebook in its entirety from any liability to
    Participants arising from the Competition.
    1.6 The Competition is not a gambling game within the meaning of the Gambling Act.
    1.7 The competition is administered on the website
    1.8 The correctness and course of the Competition, i.e. the provision of information
    about the Competition and the processing of complaints, shall be supervised by the
    employees of the Organiser.
    1.9. Competition – a competition organised under the name “Looking for Spring
    in Ireland”, the rules of which are set out in these terms and conditions.

      2.1 The subject of the Contest is the Entrant’s taking and posting of a photo with the
      answer to the contest question, included in the post, during the Contest Period.
      2.2 The Competition takes place in the period: from 20.04.2024 to 02.05.2024, until
      23:59 hours.
      2.3 The Contest can be entered at any time during the Contest Period.

      3.1 Participation in the Competition is voluntary and free of charge.
      3.2 The right to participate in the Contest is granted to those who meet the
      conditions of participation in the Contest as indicated in the content of the
      Regulations and are not subject to exclusion from the Contest. The Competition is
      open to a natural person who fulfils all of the following conditions:
      (a) resides in the Republic of Ireland
      b) has full legal capacity or has limited legal capacity and has obtained the consent of
      a parent or legal guardian (legal representative) to participate in the Competition
      under the terms of the Rules;
      c) has a non-fictional (i.e. containing the Entrant’s real data) individual user account
      on Facebook®;
      d) has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions in accordance with point 1.5. of
      the Terms and Conditions;
      e) answered the Contest question by commenting on the Contest post.
      f) consented to the processing of the personal data provided in the Contest for the
      purposes of the Contest and notification of awarding and issuing of the Prize in
      accordance with point 6.1. of the Rules and Regulations.
      3.3 One user can participate only once in the Contest.
      3.4 A person participating in the Contest cannot edit or correct in any way a Contest
      comment added on Facebook under the Contest post. Editing an added comment
      entails its disqualification.
      4.1 In order to participate in the Competition, it is enough to make one Competition
      Entry during the Competition Period.
      4.2 Contest Application consists of posting a comment according to the guidelines
      from the Contest Task post. Competition Entry should be placed in a commentary
      underneath a given Competition Task (Competition post), using Entrant’s registered
      Facebook® account.
      4.3 A Competition Entry must have a strictly defined content as indicated in the
      content of the Competition Task posted in the commentary underneath the
      Competition Task (Competition post).
      4.4 Contest Entries may not contain vulgar, offensive, indecent, discriminatory,
      offensive to religious feelings, or otherwise be against the law or rules of social
      coexistence, or contain proprietary names or signs. Competition Entries may not
      violate any rights, including but not limited to copyrights, or personal rights of third
      4.5 Contest Entries which do not meet the requirements specified in points 4.3 – 4.4
      of the Rules and Regulations will be hidden or removed by the Organizer and will not
      be considered for the Contest, and their authors will not be entitled to claim the
      4.6 After the end of the Contest, the Contest Committee will select the winners.
      4.7 The proper conduct of the Contest and selection of the Contest Winner shall be
      ensured by the Contest Committee appointed by the Organiser.
      4.8 The prizewinner of the Contest will be selected and announced on the wall.
    4. PRIZE
      5.1 The following prize will be awarded in the Competition: Bookcase Folding White
      Robust Construction LK7.
      5.2 Prizes will be sent by courier service to the Winner’s address provided
      during verification.

    6.1 The prizewinner of the Contest is obliged to provide a correspondence address to
    which the Organizer will send the Prize within three days (3 days) from the date of

    announcement of the list of Contest winners by the Organizer. Failure to meet this
    deadline may result in the loss of the right to the Prize, which shall then remain at
    the exclusive disposal of the Organiser.
    6.2 In order to clarify any doubts regarding an Entrant’s participation in the
    Competition, the Organiser may contact him/her using the data he/she provided
    while making the Competition Application (e.g. by e-mail correspondence) and
    demand detailed information about the Entrant’s participation in the Competition,
    including submission of a statement of a specific form and content, as well as
    presentation of relevant documents, in each and every appropriate time indicated, if
    it is necessary for the achievement of the Competition’s objective. The Entrant’s
    refusal or failure to comply with the summons shall be tantamount to his/her failure
    to meet the requirements laid down in the Regulations and shall result in his/her
    exclusion from the Competition at any stage, also after its completion, including the
    loss of the right to the awarded Prize.
    6.3 The prizewinner of the Contest is not entitled to claim any special features of the
    Prize obtained, to exchange the Prize for another one, or to spend the equivalent of
    the Prize in cash, goods or services.

      7.1 By entering the Contest, Participant agrees that the Organizer, as administrator,
      may process personal data provided by the Participant while making Contest
      Application to the Contest via Fanpage in the form of login (Nick, Name) of the
      Facebook® Service for purposes related to the course of the Contest, selection of
      winners, awarding and delivery of prizes, as well as for possible complaint procedure.
      The Organiser may also process other personal data of the Contest Winners referred
      to in point 6.1. for the purposes specified therein. The Participant consents to the
      processing of data by pasting a statement of consent to the processing of personal
      data in the content of the Competition entry.
      7.2 The Entrant’s provision of the personal data indicated above is voluntary, but
      necessary to participate in the Competition, and such data will be processed in
      accordance with the relevant regulations on personal data protection, solely for the
      purpose of organising and conducting the Competition. Each Participant has the
      right to access the content of his/her data and to correct them under the terms of the
      Personal Data Protection Act.
      7.3 Given that the processing of the Entrant’s personal data is necessary for the
      execution of the Competition, in the event that the Entrant objects to the processing
      of his/her personal data in the course of the Competition, such Entrant or his/her
      Competition Entry will be excluded from the Competition, and will also lose the right
      to any Prize.

    7.4 The Contest Participant also agrees to the publication of his/her data as a Contest
    Winner on Facebook® in the form of the full name appearing on Facebook®.
    7.5 Each Contest Participant is entitled to:
    1) the right of access to the personal data provided;
    2) The right to request correction, rectification, deletion or restriction of the
    processing of the personal data provided;
    3) The right to object to the processing of personal data;
    4) The right to request the transfer of personal data;
    5) the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, which
    will not affect the lawfulness of the processing;
    6) The right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority competent for the
    protection of personal data, if the participant considers that his/her personal data is
    being processed in violation of the regulations.
    7.6.The Organiser of the competition informs that the Participant’s personal data
    may be transferred by the Administrator to other entities in order to fulfil the
    Organiser’s obligations under these Rules and the law, i.e. to postal
    operators/carriers, entities providing legal and accounting services to the Organiser,
    IT service providers.
    7.7 The Contest Organiser is the administrator of the Personal Data with regard to
    complaint procedures.

    7.8 Participants’ personal data will only be stored for the duration of the competition,
    until any claims related to the competition expire. The personal data of the winners
    will be kept for the period necessary for reporting purposes.

    8.1 Complaints regarding the Competition are considered by the Competition
    Committee on behalf of the Organiser.
    8.2 Complaints regarding the Contest may be submitted by the Contest Participants
    via e-mail to the address for the duration of the Contest, however
    not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of announcement of the last
    Contest winners.

    8.3 Complaints relating to the Competition received after the specified deadline will
    not be considered.
    8.4 Complaints concerning the contest should indicate the data of the complainant
    (name, surname, e-mail address, correspondence address), in particular enabling a
    response to the complaint, in accordance with point 8.5. of the Regulations, as well
    as a concise description of the subject matter and grounds of the complaint and the
    content of the demand.
    8.5 Successfully submitted complaints regarding the competition will be considered
    no later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the complaint. The
    claimant of the competition will be notified of the outcome of the complaint by
    8.6 The product being the competition prize is not subject to complaint as a result of
    misuse, damage or any other accident.

      9.1 In the event that there are technical problems in the functioning of Facebook®,
      access to the Contest on the Fanpage wall may be temporarily suspended.
      9.2 The correctness of the operation of the Internet platform used to conduct the
      Contest may depend on computer hardware, software, as well as the parameters of
      the Internet connection possessed by the Entrant and the volume of traffic on the
      Internet or the Facebook® Service.
      9.3 Each Entrant is obliged to participate in the Contest in person and exclusively
      using one of his/her own registered user accounts on Facebook®. In the event that
      the Entrant is found to be in breach of the above provisions, he/she may be excluded
      and his/her Competition Entries will not be taken into consideration, and he/she will
      also lose the right to any Prize.

    9.4 The responsibility for any violation of third-party rights, in particular copyrights
    related to the Competition Entry shall be borne by the Competition Participant who
    submitted that Entry to the Competition, in accordance with the rules laid down in
    the applicable legislation.
    9.5 Infringement of any of the provisions of these Rules by a Competition Participant
    results in his/her exclusion from the Competition. The decision in this matter is
    taken by the Organiser. In particular, the culpable provision of false or erroneous
    personal data by the Competition Participant and his/her violation of the provisions
    of the law in force shall constitute an infringement of the Competition Regulations.

    9.6 Entrants who are found to interfere with the Internet platform used for the
    Contest or act in a manner inconsistent with the law and the rules of social
    coexistence or these Regulations may be, by a decision of the Organizer, excluded
    from the Contest or lose their right to the Prize.
    9.7 The Organizer does not take responsibility for the time of delivery of the Prize
    through a courier company, nor for any damage occurring during transport, which is
    not subject to complaint.

    10.1 The Organiser reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions during the
    contest. The change comes into force as soon as it is published on the Fanpage. In the
    event of changes to these Terms and Conditions, a relevant message will appear on
    Fanpage, and Participants will also be notified of the changes to the Terms and
    Conditions through a message on the Fanpage wall or by email to the email address
    to which the user’s Facebook® account is registered.
    10.2 The Organiser reserves the right to verify that Participants meet the conditions
    set out in the Regulations.
    10.3 All content included in advertising or promotional materials related to the
    Contest is for information purposes only. Only the provisions of these Rules and
    Regulations and applicable laws shall have legal force.

    By entering the competition, each Participant assures that the entries he/she submits
    are the result of his/her own creativity, which means that they do not infringe any
    personal or property rights of third parties, especially copyright. Should the entries
    sent to the Organiser by a Participant of the competition infringe any rights of third
    parties as defined above, the Participant undertakes to indemnify the Organiser
    against any claims of third parties.
    10.9 These Rules and Regulations and any amendments thereto shall come into force
    as soon as they are published on the Fanpage.