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The wardrobe is an indispensable piece of equipment in our bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms. It is important to be able to fit it to our space as much as possible. It is also important that its interior is affordable, functional and comfortable for us.

Customized Wardobes

Denver series closets can be freely configured and expanded through the accessories we have prepared for you. Why take a closer look at our Denver closet collection? Solid and durable construction entirely made of 18 mm thick board.

As one of the few, we can personalize your closet to the maximum. You can add rods, drawers, shelves freely enlarge it to the required width, depth and height, choose colors, change handles, order anti-dust brushes, change the running system and install LED lighting.

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding doors save space and hide from view everything your closet hides. In our offer you will find both classic and as well as modern style closets.

Sliding closets with a mirror, in addition to visual qualities, will optically enlarge the space.

We will adjust our sliding door closets for you every 1 cm.



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